Perennial Springs Baptist Church

"Where God Is Given All The Glory"

Upcoming Events

Vacation Bible School- This years Bible School theme is "Hayday". We are inviting everyone to come out and attend our VBS. We will have a small meal each night before classes begin. If you need transportation please call (706)857-1322, if there is no answer leave a message with your name, address and phone number. 
Sunday June 23,2013- 6:30-8:30
Monday June 24, 2013- 6:30-8:30
Tuesday June 25, 2013-6:30-8:30
Wednesday June 26, 2013-6:30-8:30
Thursday June 27, 2013-6:30-8:30
Friday June 28, 2013-6:30-8:30
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